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I'm working again.  Eventually I will post the three dimensional work I dove into this summer, but I'm more focused on what is becoming of my work after the hiatus.  Thank goodness I've found a way back.  I guess sometimes you just need a break.  I'll be posting work soon.  Thank you to all of you who have written me since I have not posted in a while.  I feel so appreciated.  Love love love.
  • Listening to: the quiet buzz of a running house
  • Reading: essays
  • Watching: the light change
  • Playing: with my thoughts
  • Eating: kindof hungry
  • Drinking: oh starbucks
I have been making clothes, clothes, clothes...
i'm starting over.
a plethora of new artwork coming... it has surely been one long semester.
  • Listening to: the birds outside
  • Reading: inferno
  • Watching: soft light bounce around the room
  • Drinking: tea
some days i am quiet. some days i am full of life. some days i am sad. some days i am adventurous. some days i disappear. some days i am home all day.
  • Listening to: silence
  • Reading: an application
  • Watching: the thermostat bottom out
  • Playing: with my fingertips
  • Eating: a bowl of honey bunches
  • Drinking: ...babysitting
a lot has been happening around here -

icestorms and such. dandelion dust raining down from clouds. i've been sneezing yellow for a few days now. it just makes me giggle.